• January 13th, 2019

    PBP rules modification - articles 6 (Payment) and 7 (Cancellation)
  • September 24-28, 2018

    Course recognition for the PBP2019
  • 2018 January

    During the 2018 Awards ceremony of the Audax Club Parisien, the first PBP2019 brochures are distributed to attendees

Your preregistration

Preregistrations are open to FFCT/UFOLEP/FSGT members and to international riders who have ridden a least one Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRM) last season (or a RM 1200 and +). The preregistration period depends on the rider affiliation and on the longest brevet validated between November 1st, 2013 and October 31, 2014. Your preregistration will reserve a place for PBP 2015, subject to availability. During the preregistration period, available places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

BRM Nov 1, 2013
Oct 30, 2014
Pre-registration opens on
1000 KM or RM1200+
April 26, 2015
April 30, 2015
600 KM
May 03, 2015
May 07, 2015
400 KM
May 10, 2015
May 14, 2015
300 KM
May 17, 2015
May 21, 2015
200 KM
May 24, 2015
May 28, 2015

If you have not converted your preregistration into a definite registration until June 23, 2015 at midnight (French time), you will lose your reserved place. You can still apply for registration, but without priority.
The preregistration can only be made through the Internet with mention of rider affiliation, rider license number and homologation number of the longest BRM (or RM1200+) ridden (nonexhaustive list).

For international riders, local conditions may be applied to validate the preregistration ; check with your local representative of the Audax Club Parisien.
For multi-rider machines, the rider who rode the longest BRM will preregister, and his or her co-riders will get the same priority to preregister.

You will receive a confirmation email with your application number as soon as your preregistration form is validated by the organization.

A secure payment option will be presented at the end of your preregistration and / or registration. It may be individual or collective. No payment by wire transfer, check or cash will be accepted.
The preregistration fee is 30, non refundable and deducted from the final registration fee.
The balance of the registration fee will also be paid on the Internet via secure payment at registration.

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