• 2015 January

    During the 2014 Awards ceremony of the Audax Club Parisien, the PBP2015 brochure is distributed to attendees
  • 2014 October

    The PBP 2015 will start from the Velodrome National
  • 2014 January

    During the 2013 Awards ceremony of the Audax Club Parisien, the first PBP2015 brochures are distributed to attendees.
  • 2013 December

    The PBP 2015 will be hosted under the auspice of the FFCT. A partnership agreement is signed during the FFCT's General Assembly in Biarritz.
  • 2013 July

    A framework agreement between the ACP and the Urban Community of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines is signed.
  • 2013 May

    Robert Lepertel, Architect of the Modern PBP, dies at 88
  • 2013 February

    All the chekpoints of the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur are OK for the next edition in 2015.







Sunday 16:00 to 17:00

Solo bikes

80 h


Sunday 17:15

Tandems, triplets, trikes and all special bikes

90 h


Sunday 17:30 20:00

Solo bikes

90 h

To be respected

Monday 04:50

Tandems, triplets, trikes and all special bikes

84 h

To be respected

Monday 05:00 to 05:15

Solo bikes

84 h

To be respected





The PBP 2015 rules shown here are provisional and are subject to reevaluation until August 2015.

Article 1 :

The Audax Club Parisien organizes on August 16-20, 2015 the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur, a 1200 km free-paced BRM event, in which riders are not allowed to get any support, except as permitted by the organizers. Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur is run according to the FFCT event charter.

Article 2 : Entry conditions

Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur is open to FFCT, UFOLEP and FSGT members in 2015, as well as to all international riders.
The minimum age is 18 years at the date of the start. Riders must have completed a Super Randonneur brevet series (200, 300, 400 and 600 km) of ACP-sanctioned brevets in 2015, which are run in many countries by duly ACP-approved organizers. Any ACP-sanctioned brevet of a higher distance can be substituted for a missed brevet.

Article 3 : Rider Restriction

The rider number may be restricted. The rider limit will be published on the official Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur 2015 website.

Article 4 : Preregistration

Preregistrations are open to those who have completed at least one BRM in 2014. The preregistration date depends on the longest brevet validated in 2014. Limited places available.
Individual preregistration starts :

BRM ridden from
Nov.01, 2013 to Oct.30, 2014
Preregistration starts on
1000 KM or RM1200 and +
April 26, 2015
600 KM
May 03, 2015
400 KM
May 10, 2015
300 KM
May 17, 2015
200 KM
May 24, 2015

Some countries may apply local conditions to validate the preregistration. For example, in France, UFOLEP and FSGT members will not be allowed to pre-register until four days after FFCT members who have ridden the same mileage.
The preregistration will reserve a place for Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur 2015 at the time your payment is accepted. Limited places available. Available places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you have not converted your preregistration into a definite registration until June 23, 2015 at midnight (French time), you will lose your reserved place. You can still apply for registration, but without priority.
The preregistration can only be made through Internet on the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur website :
with mention of rider affiliation, rider licence number and homologation number of the longest BRM ridden.
For multi-rider vehicles, the rider who rode the longest BRM will initiate the preregistration, so that his or her co-rider(s) will get the same priority to preregister.

Article 5 : Registrations

Registrations can only be made through Internet on the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur website :
where you can view the status of your registration form.
Registration Schedule You can register as soon as you have completed at least three of the four qualifying brevets which are scheduled between October 31, 2014 and July 07, 2015.
Your place will be definitely reserved at the time your payment is accepted.

Preregistered riders of all federations, as well as not preregistered FFCT members and International riders*
Not preregistered UFOLEP/FSGT members*
May 31, 2015
June 07, 2015
July 14, 2015
July 14, 2015

* limited places available.

Registrations will be processed according to the date of payment until the limit of available places is reached. If the limit is exceeded, a waiting list will be opened. As long as you are on the waiting list, your payment will not be debited from your account.
Applications that have not been completed on July 14, 2015 at midnight (French time) will be definitely canceled and the rider considered as not starting. Refunds will only be possible under the conditions set by the cancellation insurance. To DNF on a qualifying brevet will not be a condition for refund. Your application will be processed when you have completed your registration form with the homologation numbers of your four qualifying brevets. Then you will receive a confirmation email with instructions concerning the ride.
If the follow-up of your form on the website indicates validated and you do not receive the confirmation email, you must contact the organizers at the following addresses :

France :
International :

Article 6 : Payment

A secure payment option will be proposed at the end of your preregistration and/or registration. It may be individual or collective. No payment by wire transfer, check or cash will be accepted.
The preregistration fee is 30, non refundable and deducted from the final registration fee.
The registration fee is 115
Reduction of 10 for FFCT members
The registration fee includes:
participation in Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur 2015
official water bottle
official reflective vest
hot meal at the finish
official document pouch
PBP 2015 frame number
PBP 2015 brevet card
PBP 2015 rider tracking device
engraved souvenir medal (if you are homologated)
cancellation insurance and medical evacuation insurance according to the insurance contract
arrow signs on the course
supervision by official cars and motorcyclists
access to the various checkpoints and food stops
emergency support at the checkpoints
results brochure and 18th Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur DVD sent to your address in early 2016

The costs of food, sleeping and of repatriation in case of DNF, are the sole responsibility of the participants.

Article 7 : Cancellation

Initiated by the participant :
You can can get reimbursed by the insurer provided you meet the conditions of the cancellation insurance.
Initiated by the organizer: :
f the event has to be canceled by the organizer because of unforeseen circumstances, whether the organizer is responsible or not, only a fixed sum of 50 will be refunded. No other indemnity will be paid.
Requested jerseys will be delivered if, at the date of cancellation of the event, the order has already been placed with the supplier by the Audax Club Parisien.

Article 8 : Rules for Bikes

Any bike with two or three wheels steered by a handlebar and propelled by muscle power via a transmission consisting of one or several chainsets may be used. The bike must not exceed 1 meter wide. Bikes not meeting those criteria will have to be vetted by the Audax Club Parisien. Electric bikes, tri-bars and all forms of extended bars are forbidden.
Bikes must possess a lighting system powerful enough to be seen at a distance of 100 m from the front and 150 m from the rear. It must be securely and permanently fixed on the bike, even during daytime, and in working order at all times. Flashing LEDs at the rear are forbidden. Backup lighting systems are strongly recommended.
Lights must be turned on at all times during hours of darkness or other low-light conditions, whether the participant rides alone or in a group.
If the controllers stop a rider because of no lighting or insufficient lighting, they will not allow him or her to continue until the lighting failure has been repaired, unless he or she has emergency lighting. In this case he or she may ride to the next checkpoint.
We recommend that riders of recumbents add a protection to the crank set, either a chain guard fixed at the frame, or a chainring guard slightly larger than the big ring. We also recommend at least a left rear view mirror which may be attached on the back of the glove. Finally, it is strongly recommend to mount a safety flag with reflective stripes, at the top of a pole, at least 1.40 meters above ground. The bikes with fairing must imperatively be equipped with reflective stripes at the front, back and sides.
To test their equipment, riders are advised to complete at least a 400 km or 600 km event on the same bike that will be used for Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur.
In order to make checks easier, all riders will have their number marked on a frame badge which must remain attached to the bike throughout the ride.

Article 9 : Equipment

According to French traffic law, a high visibility vest MUST be worn when riding at night (safety standard number EN 1150 or EN 471).
If your reflective vest is hidden (e.g. because you are carrying a backpack or riding a recumbent), make sure that you have additional reflective material to ensure you are seen.
Light-coloured clothing is recommended for night riding. It is highly recommended to wear an approved helmet throughout the event. It is recommended to wear a randonneuring clubs jersey, the official P.B.P. jersey or any other RM events jersey. Professional cycling team jerseys are prohibited.

Article 10 : Route and Controls

The official route sheet will be sent when your application will be processed. The route is subject to authorities agreement.
The out and back ways are marked by arrows of different colours.
Official controls are :
On the way out : start control at the National Velodrome of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in MONTIGNY-LE-BRETONNEUX, then VILLAINES-LA-JUHEL, FOUGRES, TINTNIAC, LOUDAC, CARHAIX, BREST.
On the way back: additional controls at MORTAGNE AU PERCHE and DREUX.
A food stop is provided on the way out at MORTAGNE-AU-PERCHE. A sleep and food stop is provided at QUEDILLAC and SAINT-NICOLAS-DU-PELEM on both ways.
There may also be secret controls on both ways.
Riders must stay on the official route. Please be aware that the insurance cover will be invalid if you deviate from the official route.
The organizers reserve the right to modify the above mentioned route or checkpoints in case the competent authorities deny the authorisation to take a certain route.
All riders and all support crews must everywhere and at all times act correctly towards the control personnel.

Article 11 : Responsibilities and Insurance

Under all circumstances, riders must obey the French traffic law.
It is especially to be noted that cyclists participating in Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur ride at their own risk and that riders are not covered unless they have taken out an individual insurance. The participant asserts under the honor principle to be covered by insurance when registering.
A Responsabilit Civile - Dfense & Recours policy has been taken out by the organizers for the duration of the event, for all material or corporal damage caused to a third party by a participant.
This policy includes additional coverage for medical assistance and repatriation for all participants.
This policy does not cover any damage to bike or equipment in case of a fall or in case of theft. Personal insurance must be bought to cover those risks.
In all places riders have to care for their personal belongings. The ACP cannot be held responsible in case of loss or theft.

Article 12 : Rider Tracking

A brevet card and an electronic tracking device will be distributed to each rider before the start. The rider must keep both in good condition. We recommend to fix a recent passport picture on the brevet card (35x25 mm).
Riders must always carry their brevet card and must personally ensure that their card is validated at each control, whether official or secret.
Loss of the brevet card, loss of the tracking device, missing or incomplete validation, whether from an official or a secret control, will result in disqualification.

Article 13 : Sign-in

You must go to the bike check at the time which has been assigned by the ACP according to your request :
- Saturday, Aug 15 from 08h00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. for riders starting on Sunday, Aug 16.
- Sunday, Aug 16 from 08:00 to 13:00 a.m. for riders starting on Monday, Aug 17.
Once your bike has been checked, go to the control hall. Show your official picture ID and you will receive your brevet card, tracking device, frame badge and other items. Then sign the start sheet.
Start control:
Start control will take place outside the National Velodrome of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, from 15 to 45 minutes before each official start. To avoid the crowds, please do go to the start place earlier.
Beware: Missing brevet card validation or a missing tracking device recording at the start will result in disqualification.
Start: As required by the police headquarters, riders will start in waves.
For safety reasons, official vehicles will lead the riders through Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (12 km). It is forbidden to overtake them (offenders will be attributed a penalty).

Article 14 : Opening and Closing Time of the Controls

The opening and closing times indicated in the brevet card must be respected.
Note : For riders starting from 16h00 to 17h15, all opening times are free.
Riders MUST arrive at each control within the time limits. Only a serious material incident may be accepted as justification for late arrival, and the delay must be recovered at the latest within the next two controls.

Article 15 : Homologation, DNFs and Failure to Comply with the Time Limits

Whatever the time of arrival, a brevet ridden in less than 43h56 will not be homologated (this corresponds to an average speed of 28km/h).
All participants who have ridden in compliance with the rules earn a medal engraved with their official time. In case they have been attributed a time penalty, it will be included in the finishing time. The medal has been designed specifically for the 18th P.B.P. Randonneur.
Riders who abandon must show their brevet card to a controller or another member of the organisation, who will sign it and annotate it with Abandon. The abandoning rider has to remove the frame number and the tracking device, but can keep both items, as well as the brevet card.

Article 16 : Medical Test

A medical test may be requested by the French State Secretary of Sport, which will bear the costs. Refusal to undergo this control or a positive test outcome will result in disqualification and will lead to sanctions in accordance with the regulations.

Article 17 : Support Vehicles

Support vehicles are forbidden on the riders official route. Riders who wish to have a support vehicle (even for only one control) must specify it at registration.
A special route has been provided for support vehicles. Riders can meet their support vehicle only at the checkpoints and within 5 km from the checkpoints.
Both the rider and the driver of the support vehicle must sign a solemn pledge whereby they assert having been informed about the authorized level of support that can be provided to the rider, that the support crew will comply with the present regulations and that noncompliance is subject to penalties.

Article 18 : Penalties and Appeals

The Audax Club Parisien reserves the right to refuse entry to Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur and to disqualify riders in case of major transgressions. Official controllers will be clearly identified. Any violation of the regulations recorded by official controllers will be penalised according to the following scale.


Overtaking official vehicles at the start of the event 1 h
No lighting at night, or under conditions of poor visibility 1 h
Violation of the French traffic law - Use of cell phone while riding 1 h
Drafting with someone not taking part in the event 1 h
Environmental pollution 2 h
Absence of (or hidden) reflective vest at night 2 h
Refusal to obey controllers 2 h
Registered vehicle present on the official route although the driver pledged to follow the special itinerary. 2 h
Support given on the official route, or in the control towns, by a non-registered vehicle 5 h
Incorrect behavior of rider or support crew
towards the controllers
5 h

Insofar as possible, riders will be informed of the attributed penalty either immediately or at the next checkpoint. Penalties will be noted in the brevet card. They apply to the overall time only.
Penalties will be cumulated in case of further offenses.

No rider can be stopped because of penalties during the event. It is explicitly stated that riders take part in the event solely at their own responsibility. Any rider passing his or her brevet card to another rider will be disqualified. This action absolves the organizers of responsibility in case of any accident suffered or caused by this other rider during the event.
All complaints must be addressed within 5 days after the finish by registered mail to :

Mr Jean-Gualbert FABUREL
Commission PBP
76, rue de la Republique

Article 19 : Environment

All riders must respect the environment in the control towns and all over the route of the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur. Riders will be liable for any damage noted.
It is strictly forbidden to litter on the road. Your eco-friendly behaviour benefits all riders, and the public image of randonneuring is at stake !.

Article 20 : Image Rights and Liberties

Riders authorise expressly the organizers of the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur, or their proxies such as partners and media organisations to use static or moving images on which they may appear and which have been captured during their participation in Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur for publicity purposes, including promotional material and/or advertising, throughout the world and for the longest period provided by the law, regulations, and treaties in force, including any extensions that may be made to this period.
According to the French law on Informatics and Liberties of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access and rectify any personal information.
Through us, you may receive offers from other companies or associations. If you object to it, please let us know with your name, address and possibly your frame badge number.

Article 21 : Updating

The Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur commission reserves the right to modify these Regulations and if needed to decide about eventualities not foreseen in the present Regulations.
The Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur commission can modify the conditions under which the event is run.
As far as possible, decisions or possible modifications will be brought to the attention of the participants :
- Either by using the press, radio, and Internet, at the latest three days before the date of the event if a possible cancellation is foreseen.
- or during the event by loudspeaker and posters.

Information :

Dated : December 01st, 2014