• January 13th, 2019

    PBP rules modification - articles 6 (Payment) and 7 (Cancellation)
  • September 24-28, 2018

    Course recognition for the PBP2019
  • 2018 January

    During the 2018 Awards ceremony of the Audax Club Parisien, the first PBP2019 brochures are distributed to attendees

Cycling in the rain

5157 international riders including 334 English people got involved into the conquest of West France roads under terrible conditions in order to take up a great challenge. Rain, wind, humidity for 4 days. 3636 brave cyclists have achieved this amazing trip of 1227 km. Congratulations to them !

Formidable for the legs and the body but even more for the mental, the 2007 edition will remain in their minds as extremely difficult. Even painful for most of them. How not to have respect or even compassion for those who began on Monday evening or Tuesday morning under cold rain and opposite wind to spend several nights under deep moisture ? They all hoped to find milder conditions on the Brittany roads. But as they kept going, wind and rain settled down for good on their journey, for 90 hours, changing riders into road convicts. They all have run at least 4 qualifying certificates of 200, 300 400, 600 km in order to be able to apprehend the worst weather conditions says Roger Baumann, laureate in 10 editions. An expert.

A preparation is appropriate but may not be sufficient: for most of the riders after a first impossible night, they were almost out of time in Fougres, after only 300 km. We have recorded 1522 withdrawals.
Under such hard conditions, it has been difficult to slalom between rain drops. The riders mental was as low as it could have been. Thats why for the majority of the international riders who had just admired Brittanys countryside while taking up a huge sport challenge, it has been extremely hard to reach the end.

Loudac by night
3 a.m. at Loudac, the rain has already caused a lot of damage, low temperatures have numbed the bodies, lights spring into the cold night, bodies are sore and eyes are red under the wind. Sleep is waiting at any corner, some riders fight while other fall, defeated by tiredness. The 400 beds dormitory is full. So what can we do ? No hesitations, the exhausted riders unfold a blanket and settle down against the wall or on the only floor. A Japanese rider drowses on her chair and suddenly falls. By her side, a German rider sleeps the head in his plate. In the canteen, hot coffee and cold perspiration smells increase a surrealistic atmosphere. Wake me up in half an hour wishes an English man The 150 volunteers are caring and look after the riders for 2 consecutive days and nights. Nothing would happen without them.

International success :
44 nationalities were represented including 606 Americans, 387 Germans, 368 Italians, 334 English, 205 Spanish, 182 Danish, 125 Aussies, 121 Belgians, 116 Canadians, 112 Japanese, etc and 2298 French. On the whole, 5157 international riders from the 5 continents were there on this 16th PBP. Average age: 49.7 years old.


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