Protection Civile, “Association Normande d’Escorte Cycliste” motorcyclists, Red-Cross or Public Rescue Dpt, many services will be mobilized to enable you to ride until the end your adventure:
– Each checkpoint will be provided with a rescue station
– Motorcyclists will assist you on the course
– Controllers with car will take care of the respect of the rules



The PARIS-BREST-PARIS seen by motorcyclists in 2007,

or why Paris-Brest-Paris
is a magical event.

The motorcyclists of ANEC (hereafter referred to as the Motards) are once again happy to have contributed a little to the success of this extraordinary, unusual event. In 20 years for certain we have participated in a lot MORE PRESTIGIOUS events with more media coverage . But nothing can compare to the Paris-Brest-Paris!

In Guyancourt, tension climbs early at the beginning of the day. Everywhere cyclists get ready, concentrate, rest. They have already stretched in this effort. The families camp all over; the city is invaded. When evening comes, the departures are fantastic: mass exits, generously sprinkled with zest. Nothing would stop these cyclists; they will all go to the end, that is certain. As early as the exit from Paris, the magic appears. That night there are bicycles everywhere: there is a long silent litany of red and white lights, immensely more lights since 1999. Soon the first ones introduce themselves, certain fugitives, deeper than the others. Sometimes these friendships are renewed at random stops with the exchange of addresses.

There are the landscapes, phantasmagoric fogs in the early morning, the arrival at night in Brest (ah, the view of the bridge changes everything). There are people waiting and watching on the side of the road or in their yards. The mechanic for bicycles was on vacation, but he reopened his store to repair a derailleur and then refused payment from the English ? American? or Australian, I do not know anymore). So the cyclist could set off again and peddle to the end of his endurance, of his dream. Many thanks also to the man in Brest who found my motorcycle when he opened his door and then changed all his planning to repair my motorcycle while I slept… Also thanks to the family of bakers that has kept my photo in their window, since 1999 !!!

And then there are risks, disappointments, tireness of these conquering bikers , to which the motards attend. Sometimes they are powerless as with mechanical breakdowns. Sometimes they are saviors. Thanks for the other things that the motard was able to do like transport bikes to the checkpoint after an accident: a fall which happened 5 km after the departure. A sandow offered to give light : « how much ? no let it go, I have plenty ». So many things that a motard can help : bikes carried on to the check point after an injury; assisting a husband on the road (looking for him for 2 hours) whose wife was at the hospital. Some bikers were off course. The motards told them to do a u-turn. They also provided light from their headlights to assist a cyclist repairing a puncture. These “thank-you” said with an exotic sound, coming from every cyclist that crosses an intersection that ANEC protects. Thanks to those volunteers at the checkpoints who did not sleep for 3 days, and to those I have forgotten…

Really, PBP is a magic test…

An immense thank-you to all those who allowed this new edition of this event.
See you soon on the roads.


The Motards of ANEC