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What a joy to be able to welcome in our beautiful City of Rambouillet, the Paris-Brest-Paris randonneur for its 20th edition!

Between city and countryside, immersed in the middle of tree rays, chains of forests and plateaus, participants and visitors will be guided by nature and different landscapes throughout this unforgettable experience.

Member of the “Accueil Vélo” network and stage city of the Véloscénie, Rambouillet accompanied by its services intends to continue to promote cycle tourism on the territory and internationally, in summer 2023, in tandem with the Audax Club Parisien.

More than a sporting event, this long-awaited moment will be an opportunity to bring together citizens from more than 70 nations around the values of fraternity and conviviality, in a sporting, festive and of course warm setting.

This cycling event will be synonymous with benevolence, sharing and passion.

So, no time to let go of the foot, we are ready to move up a gear and press the pedals until we have our head in the handlebars with our partners, merchants and craftsmen, Rambolitains and volunteers to welcome in the best possible conditions the Paris-Brest-Paris randonneur!

Véronique Matillon

Mayor of Rambouillet



Welcome to Dreux Paris-Brest-Paris is loyal to Dreux, the Drouaises and Drouais are loyal to Paris-Brest-Paris. The peloton of volunteers from Dreux, in particular from Vélo Sport Drouais, and the municipal team are indeed very happy to host the 20th edition of this mythical event. As in 2019, we are proud to bring comfort and joy to these thousands of randonneurs, who come from all continents. More than a stopover city, Dreux is like Paris-Brest-Paris, a city open to all, to share its values of tolerance as well as the richness of its historical and natural heritage. A city that also cares about the comfort and safety of cyclists since this subject is one of the priorities of our major downtown rehabilitation project. Dreux is the last stage city of the 20th edition of Paris-Brest-Paris; I hope with all my heart that it will remain as one of the most beautiful for the participants, until they return to our beautiful city. Pierre-Frédéric Billet Mayor of Dreux, Regional Councillor
Paris-Brest-Paris 2023 back in the Perche Mortagne-au-Perche is pleased to be on the route of the mythical Cycling Event Paris-Brest-Paris 2023 always masterfully organized by the Audax Club Parisien. The 20th edition of PBP will take place from 20 to 24 August 2023. The peloton of 8000 cyclists, including 2500 French, will start in the park of the Castle of Rambouillet. It will bring together “road convicts” from 70 countries who dream of travelling 1220 km in less than 90 hours. All will have trained perfectly in 2023 to obtain the qualifying brevets of 200, 300, 400 and 600 km. They will also have passed the health tests but will still have to surpass themselves to reach the finish line. For everyone, success will be a matter of legs and mind. In Mortagne, we are proud to have been chosen as a control city that will be open 24 hours a day for the duration of the event. Be assured that the “Club des Randonneurs du Perche” and the locals will give a warm welcome to the authentic champions who participate in the largest cycling tour in the world. We will encourage them during their first visit, on August 20 at around 8 p.m. They will then have travelled 120 km and will, no doubt, be grouped. We will support them on their return, after 1099 km of effort, until August 24 in the late morning. They will then be very dispersed. Sportingly, we will be able to show them our admiration! Virginie Valtier Mayor of Mortagne-au-Perche
* * * * * * * * * * * *
“Mortagne on the mountain” or “Mortagne, the most beautiful village of France” according to the two common sayings shown at the entrances to the town, is these days in the sub-prefecture of Orne. During the final centuries of the monarchy it was the capital of Perche. Mortagne was lucky to escape from the worst bombing of World War II, preserving its monuments and architectural heritage. The philosopher Émile-Auguste Chartier, commonly known as Alain, was born in Mortagne in 1868. Twenty-three years later, in 1891, the participants of the first Paris-Brest-Paris checked into the Hôtel de la Bouteille (regrettably no longer standing), close to the control. Les Randonneurs du Perche, more than ever an integral part of Paris-Brest-Paris, together with “Les Mortagnais” are honoured to welcome riders in 2019. The “Carré du Perche“ complex will welcome riders outbound and back with food and drink, a barbecue, first aid, dormitories and showers in the gymnasium, and ample parking nearby. Les Randonneurs du Perche and the local volunteers look forward to making every effort to ensure the riders’ time in Mortagne is as warm and friendly as possible. Randonneurs of the whole world, we share your dream and hope that it comes true for every one of you, so that when you return home you keep in mind Mortagne-au-Perche and the Randonneurs du Perche. With pride and honour the Mortagnais keenly await your arrival. Les Randonneurs du Perche

Villaines-la-Juhel loves Paris-Brest-Paris and she proves it!

Every 4 years since 1979 with its cycling club and its 350 volunteers it is a stage city.

The second one after the departure to the west, but above all, on the way back, when more than 1000 km have already been covered and the final stretch to obtain the Grail is announced, it offers care, food, rest, and the essential support and encouragement of a connoisseur and admiring public.

The many messages that then come back to us from all corners of France and the world tell us how much this welcome and the fervour encountered in Villaines-la-Juhel and on the course are decisive to hold until the end.

But the passage of PBP to Villaines-la-Juhel is for us, more than a stage.

It is a moment of jubilation when all the associations of the city, all the inhabitants meet with pride and the feeling of participating in a unique event.

It is therefore a real international festival that the city of Villaines-la-Juhel is preparing for the month of August 2023.

The city will be adorned with the colours of Mayenne, its department, but also all the colours of the world to best accommodate the many participants, some of whom will have travelled thousands of kilometres.

The street furniture and flowering will be in tune with this incomparable event for our small town nestled in the heart of a hilly grove, favourable to the practice of cycle-tourism.

The streets will be freed for the passage of participants. Merchants will be keen to keep their shops open day and night during the 4 days.

In short, it is at a great moment that we are preparing, and I am sure that as for the previous editions, the Villainais will be up to the task. So, see you soon and have a good trip!

Daniel Lenoir

Mayor of Villaines-la-Juhel

What a pleasure to find again on our territory this mythical event that is the Paris-Brest-Paris! As you surely know, Fougères has once again been approved Active and Sports City, at the highest national level. This award reflects our commitment to daily sport for all. It also reflects our dynamism in terms of hosting regional, national and international competitions.

The cycling events organized throughout the year in Fougères are numerous. Whether it’s the Tour de France that we are proud to have hosted five times now, the Tour de Bretagne cycliste, whose reputation is second to none, or the Grand Prix de la Ville de Fougères, which has been on the programme of the N1 France Cup since 2021.

In summer, every four years, we are pleased to welcome the Paris-Brest-Paris, world reference for long-distance cycling tours. At each edition, the Fougeraises and the Fougerais can see in town these thousands of athletes, mostly foreigners, who live a dream by participating in this great human adventure. A demanding event of more than 1200 kilometres to be covered in less than 90 hours, in a unique atmosphere. This is a challenge that makes us admire and that fully corresponds to the human and sporting values that we defend: surpassing oneself, solidarity, mutual aid and good mood!

Congratulations to all those who are embarking on this great sporting event. This welcome is also an opportunity for them, their families and the accompanying persons to discover our beautiful city and its remarkable heritage, first and foremost our fabulous fortress. We invite them all to come back during a more touristic stay, to fully enjoy it.

Our thanks also go to the Audax Club Parisien and the French Federation of Cycle-Tourism as well as to the UCF, a Fougerais cycling club that is involved in an exemplary way in this meticulous organization. Thank you to its president Daniel Manceau and the 300 volunteers who work for three days and four nights for the full success of the welcome in Fougères. Thank you also to our municipal services who contribute to this summer event.

I wish you all to live this unique sporting event to the fullest. Welcome to Fougères.

Louis Feuvrier, Mayor of Fougères

Once again, the municipality of Tinténiac will have the pleasure of hosting PARIS-BREST-PARIS in August 2023. For this 20th edition and as every four years, the city of Tinténiac will support the Amicale Cyclotouriste d’Ille et Rance (ACIR) to receive, for the 12th time, this mythical Randonnée organized since 1931. Several partners and volunteers will be mobilized to ensure a great success of the event and present our beautiful region. The history of Tinténiac is linked to the Abbey of Saint-Georges de Rennes since its name is mentioned for the first time in 1032 in the cartulary of the abbey. The church and the village were then given by the Duke of Brittany Alain III to his sister Adèle 1st abbess of Saint-Georges de Rennes, when the abbey was founded. The municipality covers 23.4 km² and has nearly 4,000 inhabitants. It has 2,500 students in its schools, including two primary and elementary schools, two middle schools and two vocational high schools. Early childhood and childhood benefit from three childcare facilities as well as a leisure centre. Tinténiac offers a diversity of shops at the height of a structuring centrality. Medical and paramedical services and professions are also well represented. Its attractiveness for households with children, is also based on a diversified offer of facilities with many cultural and sports spaces nearby (media library, toy library, music school, museum, skate park, stadium and sports halls …). Ideally located, the town is at the crossroads of major centres and tourist centres as Rennes, Saint-Malo, Dinan and Mont-Saint-Michel. It is also crossed by the Ille-et-Rance Canal which is the oldest artificial canal in Brittany, with many lock houses. Begun under Napoleon 1st in 1804, it ended in 1832. You can walk along its towpath on foot, by bike or even on horseback while stopping in its two private and public campsites, its area for motorhomes or its Museum of Tools and Trades. More complete information will be given by “Destination Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel”, the tourism organization of the Pays de Saint-Malo which will also mobilize to offer support crew information on the local and natural heritage of our “Destination”, one of the eight entities of the Brittany Region. ACIR, with its many volunteers, is fully mobilized to ensure the coordination of this event but also, the reception, the checkpoint, the sleeping and the technical assistance among other services. For 2023, the Lycée Professionnel Bel Air, usual partner, being under renovation, the relay is provided by the Théophile Briant college also located on the route. Initiatives are already being taken within the college, for a pedagogical project around the PBP. In addition, associations and merchants of the commune are also invested. Everything seems to come together to make these three days a beautiful celebration around the 8000 cyclists expected. Christian TOCZE Mayor of TINTENIAC

The associative wealth of our town has made it a recognized land of welcome.

The organizing team, who relied on the experienced local cycling club, will welcome you with pleasure and motivation during the passage of Paris-Brest-Paris 2023.

Supplies, accommodation and technical assistance will be available during the 4 days of round trip in our multipurpose room.

Welcome again to Quédillac.


The Mayor, Hubert LORAND

Located at the crossroads of the Rennes/Brest and Saint-Brieuc/Vannes axes, Loudéac (10,000 inhabitants) has made this strategic location a real development asset. As the economic lung of the Côtes-d’Armor department, Loudéac represents a dynamic and attractive employment area throughout its territory.

If Loudéac presents itself as a key industrial economic player in Brittany, it has remained focused on its land and the nature that surrounds it.

As a flowery city, respectful of biodiversity in the heart of an important agricultural and forest basin, Loudéac offers an ideal environment. The Aquarev amusement park is the real green lung of the city.

With more than 140 active associations, supported by the city and its many facilities, it benefits from dynamic associations to support everyone and meet all leisure desires.

Driven by a voluntary policy of democratization of culture, Loudéac has three dynamic municipal cultural structures recognized throughout the region: a media library and its Micro-Folie, the cinema Quai des Images labelled “Research and discovery”, “Young audience” and “Directory and heritage”, as well as a theatre, the Palais des Congrès et de la Culture, which programs more than 30 shows and 50 performances per year.

Loudéac has received the national label Active and Sports City which rewards its actions in favour of the promotion of the practices of its 40 sports clubs.

The country of Loudéac is the territory of cycling in Brittany. In 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting the International Federal Cycle Tourism Week which had more than 8,000 participants and nearly 1,200 volunteers federated thanks to the Amicale Cyclo de Loudéac and the partners of the event.

Soon, a national project will bring an additional dimension to the development of the city and the associative and sporting world of its territory: the covered velodrome, currently under construction.

Dear participants of Paris-Brest-Paris, the Amicale Cyclo, the municipality and the Loudéaciens are ready to welcome you for this great sporting event!

Bruno Le Bescaut

Mayor of Loudéac

SAINT-NICOLAS-DU-PELEM is looking forward to sharing this 20th PARIS-BREST-PARIS once again.

From August 21st, the site will be ready to welcome randonneurs from all over the world for the 4th time.

Thank you to the Audax Club Parisien for the trust it shows us by associating us once again with the most international of long distance rides.


Through mountains and valleys, Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem is about 45 km after Loudéac and 35 km before Carhaix.

This small town in Kreiz Breizh, in the heart of Brittany, can be an ideal place to regain strength!

The Sports Office and the Pelemoise associations will be mobilized and will make every effort to welcome, restore
and accommodate these athletes in this hard and beautiful event! The College will be the place to serve all types of catering and the sports hall for sleeping and showering, all on the same site.

We are also ready for great meetings with accompanying persons, families and supporters. The stage of St
Nicolas-du-Pélem can be an opportunity to discover our small town, its campsite, its restaurants … all placed under the sign of tradition and simplicity.

Thank you to the municipality and the Collège Jean Jaurès for being at our side to facilitate the organization of
this event.

The Sports Office


E mail:

Cathy Le Meaux:  +33 (0)6 22 24 75 86


If you have some time or want to come back!! …

The Kreiz-Breizh Tourist Office will be happy to give you all the information to discover and appreciate our region
as well as accommodation in the area.



6 rue Abbé Gibert 22110 ROSTRENEN – +33 (0)2 96 29 02 72

For the first time, Gouarec is designated Host City for the Paris-Brest-Paris, 20th edition.

On the way back, at kilometer 731, at the Bel Air room, at the entrance of Gouarec, more than 200 volunteers will make every effort to welcome randonneurs from around the world in the best conditions so that they keep our beautiful region in memory!


It is therefore with impatience and pride that all the athletes in the sector are waiting for you to serve you day and night and share with you this hard event.


Gouarec, welcoming and touristic city

Gouarec is a typical city and remarkable in many ways. Located on the canal from Nantes to Brest, the city draws part of its history and development, at the time when it was still a river port. Today, the river no longer brings food, but many visitors stop there during their passage by bike.

With its typical schist houses, proudly bearing slate roofs from the surrounding quarries, and its almost medieval environment, Gouarec does not let you indifferent.


On the Paris-Brest-Paris route, don’t go to Gouarec without admiring the halls of the city, worthy of interest and dating from the early nineteenth century. Also discover the former presbytery of the city, which now houses the town hall, as well as the ossuary of the Saint-Jean chapel which dates back to the sixteenth century.


Leisure activities are not forgotten in Gouarec: the Kreiz Breizh velorail, mini-golf, kayaking, bicycles to discover the beautiful trails of the surrounding countryside.


Thank you in advance to the Municipal Team and the technical services who will be at our side for the smooth running of the event.


The Team of the Sports Office of St Nicolas-du-Pélem-Gouarec

Christian TROADEC

Mayor of Carhaix,

President of Poher Community,

Vice-President of the Regional Council of Brittany in charge of the languages of Brittany and the Bretons of the World


Degemer mat e Karaez, kerben ar festivalioù, hag ar Poc’her !

Welcome to Carhaix, capital of festivals, and Poher!

An important crossroads in Brittany for centuries, even millennia (the recent discovery of a Cairn dating from the Neolithic is proof of this), Carhaix is today a city in full economic and tourist boom. It is known and recognized for its sporting and cultural events and for the quality of its offer of sports, cultural and heritage leisure facilities, which make Poher a land of well-being!

In 2023 more than ever, “In Carhaix, the event is all year round!” takes on its full meaning here and becomes “Carhaix, the capital of festivals!”, “Karaez kerbenn ar festivalioù!”: In addition to the Vieilles Charrues festival, whose reputation goes beyond regional and national borders, Carhaix will host the National Cross-Country Championship, the international race “Kreiz Breizh Elite” of young cycling hopefuls and another music festival that will take its marks on the plain of Kerampuilh: The Motocultor Festival will take place there in August, just before the passage of the Paris-Brest-Paris.

This richness and diversity of events can be achieved thanks to the active participation of the inhabitants, the commitment of the volunteers, mostly from the many associations of the territory, who are committed to welcoming everyone “with open arms”.

The Romans had understood the interest of its central position by founding Vorgium (ancient name of Carhaix): Capital of the Osismes, it became an important commercial centre with nine roads relaying all the other cities in Brittany. An Archaeological Interpretation Centre allows you to discover this rich past throughout the year.

With the installation of the Breton railway network at the end of the 19th century, the “Etoile de Carhaix” breathed new life into the city.  One of the first bagadoù in Brittany was that of the railway workers of Carhaix!

Carhaix, land of cycling!

Today, the old railway lines have become greenways, and together with the Nantes-Brest Canal, these cycle paths offer an ideal setting to discover Brittany from all directions. Soft roaming, and more particularly cycling, is experiencing a real craze: more and more cyclists are taking the streets and paths of our territory, with family, friends, or alone. Moreover, the downtown redevelopment project plans to give priority to cyclists, as proof: in 2021, Carhaix obtained the label “Ville à vélo du Tour de France”.

It is with great pleasure that Carhaix will once again welcome participants from all over the world of Paris-Brest-Paris 2023 wishing them unforgettable bike rides and encounters!

A galon !             

Summer 2023 will once again be an opportunity to celebrate Cycling. After hosting the Tour de France in 2018 and the big start of the Tour de France in 2021, we are delighted to welcome back the Paris-Brest-Paris, a true historical guideline of Brest’s passion for cycling.

These major sporting events, like the smallest, show each time the richness and commitment of the enthusiasts of the “little queen”: volunteers, organizers and professionals in the sector know how to offer the Brest public shows that bring together many enthusiasts.

The community supports the development of cycling. Sports or not, bicycle adepts, and especially for its daily use, benefit from local actors involved to support them in their practice and the development of a network of cycle paths.

The city and the Metropolis will join forces with those of the Paris-Brest-Paris 2023 organizing committee to welcome all the participants of this beautiful cycling adventure who, for at least a short time, will be able to discover Brest and its surroundings. We thank them!

François Cuillandre

Mayor of Brest

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